Several Solutions to Fix Wi-Fi Slow Problem

Taking too much time to sending message via the communication tool? The opening website always loading image and video? Maybe it’s time to check and fix your slow Wi-Fi problem.

In our daily lives of using the Internet, people easily getting a slow Wi-Fi connection. To troubleshot the problem and speed up the Internet speed, you can try the following resolutions.

Available solutions to fix slow Wi-Fi problem

Restart the router

Here is a saying that restarting the router usually can fix 99% Internet problem. So it is firstly recommended to turn off the router, and then turn it on again after 10-15 seconds. And most common people would like to unplug the adaptor directly to turn it off.

Test the Internet health

Making sure the Internet keep in health is a necessary and important step to fix the slow Wi-Fi. To check to health of your Internet, you can make use of M-Lab to check the connection speed and ISP performance.

Disable useless running programs at the background

Too many programs running at the background often takes up the Bandwidth, so you should open the Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc key) to check the background programs, and disable those you are not using at that moment.

Update router firmware

Besides updating the cell-phone and laptop, it is also necessary to update the router’s firmware if you haven’t been updated before, especially the router with old model. After updating the firmware, the router will restart to get a refresh, and then you can see whether it can fix slow Wi-Fi problem.

Some slow Wi-Fi problems might need to be checked and fixed by the computer professionals, so if you are a common PC user and feel hard to troubleshoot the Internet problem, you can just invite an expert to help you figure it out.

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