New Google Chrome 90 Release and Get Faster and More Secure

Google Chrome 90

Google Chrome recently gets a new update with versions 90, the new features with this web browser will make it become faster and more secure by using HTTPS.

Earlier in January, it have been posted that the Google Chrome planning to launch its 90 version hopefully in the month of March. And now, the new Chrome release with several new features.

  1. The latest update of Google Chrome will start to use https:// by default in the address bar, which makes the web browser faster between webpages. More significantly, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol will provide a safer website visiting for the users.
  2. A new option ‘Tips for Chrome’ will allow people to check latest and popular features and tips in a single page.
  3. New Trusted Web Activity issues is added and reported by the Issues tab, which used to help the developer to understand and fix the associated issues of their websites.
  4. DevTools gets an improved Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in the Console, and it also provides a link to documentation.
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