What is Windows PowerShell?

What are Windows PowerShell and the background behind its making? In this article, we will discuss Windows PowerShell, and the background behind its making is. Also, we will discuss the different things that are included in the PowerShell itself.

What is PowerShell?

PowerShell is known to be task automation and a configuration management system framework that has been created by Microsoft. This consists of a commanding line shell ad it is also associated with different kinds of programming and scripting language. PowerShell is a Windows component, so it is made free and open software that people can download and use anytime without restriction. This also allows the people to perform a cross-platform and open-source coding of the things they want on 18th August 2016 when PowerShell Core came out. In PowerShell, the administrative tasks are done by the cmdlets and are a specialized version of the .NET classes which implement a certain operation. PowerShell allows access to the data stores, file system, and also to the registry, which are made available through third-party developers. PowerShell is mostly used for putting in commands or for making programming using a coding language to do any function that you want it to.

What is the background of PowerShell?

With every version of Windows that has come out, there has always been a release of the command line interpreter (CLI). This is the predecessor for the MS-DOS, and it relied only on the CLI for and this was available for MS-DOS with Windows 9x. There is also a Windows NT which is also used for the same purpose as the CLI, and both of them support the internal commands. This is why there is a separate console application that is written for both of them, and each of them has a basic scripting language. Both of these cannot use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the system because both of them are limited to using only some functions. However, Windows has been working on creating a thing that supports all the programming and scripting language to make it easy for coding.

What are the things included in PowerShell?

Given below is the list of things that are included in PowerShell itself and helps it.

  • Shell

PowerShell is the modern command version of Shell, which has the best features up to date than any other Shells in the market.
Most of the Shell only accepts the written text while the PowerShell returns and also accepts .NET objects.
It has a robust command line, tab completion, and predicament, supports command and parameter, the pipeline for changing command, and also help tab.

  • Scripting language

As far as the scripting language goes, PowerShell is commonly used for management systems and can be used to build, test and deploy solutions.
PowerShell is built on the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR). All the inputs and outputs are .NET objects.

  • Configuration Management

PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) is the management framework in PowerShell that allows you to manage enterprise infrastructure.
You can create declarative configurations, enforce configuration settings and also deploy configuration using push or pull, etc.

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