How to Stop Windows 10 Programs from Launching at Startup?

Many friends may find that the boot speed of their Windows 10 PC has been declining along with the long time they’ve used it. The PC’s booting speed is quite slow as you think your PC must have some issues. However, to make a change is very simple, you can speed up your PC just through reducing the number of boot items. So how do you disable boot items on your Windows 10? Continue to figure it out.

Windows10 itself can control the boot items, turn off useless boot items can get faster boot speed. So let’s talk about how to use Windows 10 built-in startup management function to disable apps from launching when your PC is starting up.

Method 1:

1. Open the Start Menu on the computer, you can usually find it, just in the bottom left corner of the desktop, or press the Windows key on the keyboard.
2. Clicking the Settings button in the Start Menu brings up the Windows Settings page.
3. Select the Apps option in Windows Settings.
4. Find the “Startup” function in the app, and you can get automatic startup control from here.
5. For example, if I want to turn off the ExpressVPN boot item, just uncheck it.
disable startups

Method 2:

1. Right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager to open it.
task manager
2. In Task Manager, go to Startup tab.
3. In the list of Startup items, you will see which apps are starting up as soon as your PC is booting up. Right-click on the program that you don’t want it started up like ExpressVPN, and then select Disable. Or click the app and click Disable at the bottom of the tab.
disable startup

Till now, you may have known how to disable apps at your Windows 10 startup, this is an easy method help you speed up your computer. if you are looking to get more space for your PC, uninstalling unwanted programs also is a effective method.

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