How to remove macOS thoroughly and fix installation errors with App Uninstaller

App Uninstaller is the best macOS app removal utility in the market. The Texas-based app developer has built the app remover for nearly 10 years in the making, and recognized as one of the best apps for Mac. The feature-rich app is very lightweight to run without consuming as many resources like other apps. The intuitive and ease-to-use interface does not overwhelm you at all. In addition, the one-time license fee purchase has really made it stand out farther, compared to other macOS apps. It is cheap, affordable and most cost-effective app on the market, and as a license holder, regarding of any license you purchase, you can use App Uninstaller for a lifetime, including free updates, free upgrades and free technical support.

You might have come across these regular problems below:
1. completely remove the unused apps to free up your disk space, especially the startup disk
2. thoroughly remove the old version of the app to install or upgrade to the latest version
3. resolve the incompatibility issue to install a new app

App Uninstaller is built to resolve all of these headaches and issues that are difficult to fix without the help of professionals or take a lot of your time to solve. We will show you how simple it is to thoroughly remove the unwanted app by using App Uninstaller. We will use the poplar app Adobe After Effects for our test case, and please follow the guide below on how to remove Adobe After Effects with this lightweight tool.

Adobe After Effects is used to create a post-production process that is used in the video production industry. This program allows you to modify your video footage and make it look more professional. Post-production software is a process that takes place after the recording of an event has been completed. The end result is a finished product that can be used for various purposes like advertising, film or television commercials, music videos and much more. Adobe After Effects allows you to edit your video footage and make it look more professional by adding effects, transitions and titles. It also allows you to insert images from your computer as well as videos from YouTube or other websites.

How to remove Adobe After Effects using App Uninstaller

Step 1: choose Adobe After Effects at the step 1, and then click Run Analysis

Step 2: click Complete Uninstall to remove all the items found

Step 3: complete Adobe After Effects removal process

App Uninstaller review: how to remove Adobe After Effects with App Uninstaller

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