Apple News: What are new things to be released

The recent Apple September conference brought many new products to everyone, according to the past practice, MacBook and iPad new products also need to hold a conference. According to Mark Gurman, although the new devices of these two product lines are expected to be launched in late October together with iPadOS 16, it is more likely that the new product will not be held separately, but directly through press releases and media cooperation to complete the new product launch.

Even without the sense of ceremony of the conference, the new MacBook and iPad are still worth looking forward to. The minority has collected some breaking news about the new products in October, which may cause your desire to change the machine. Of course, the actual situation of the equipment is still subject to the official release.

iPadOS 16 is available

Apple has officially confirmed that the official version of iPadOS 16 will be released in October, and the version number may jump directly to iPadOS 16.1. According to foreign media reports, iPadOS 16 may be officially released on October 24, local time in the United States.

One of the more important feature updates in iPadOS 16 is the Stage Manager pre-station scheduling function, which can provide a multi-window operation experience similar to desktop devices on iPad devices and external screens. It is reported that the reason why Apple delayed the release of iPadOS 16 is to continuously improve this feature, and also try to bring it to older iPad devices and limit it to single-screen use.

iPadOS 16 can be applied to all iPad Pro models, as well as newer models from the 3rd generation iPad Air, the 5th generation iPad mini, and the 5th generation iPad. Content about iPadOS 16 can be found in past minority articles.

iPad family

Released with iPadOS 16 there may also be new iPad hardware, which will include the iPad Pro series and the tenth generation of entry-level iPads.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro as a family “façade”, that will definitely be the focus of the stacking object. It is reported that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models will release iterative products, the latest Apple M2 chip that is certainly indispensable, the battery capacity will also increase, while the appearance and other aspects will also be adjusted. In fact, these can be seen as regular upgrades, and another change may be more interesting to you.

As early as the beginning of last year, there was news that Apple was testing the glass back cover for the iPad Pro to achieve MagSafe wireless charging and wireless reverse power function, followed by another party’s news It is said that Apple believes that the use of glass back cover will lead to more fragile devices, so in order to make iPad Pro compatible with MagSafe wireless charging, Apple is trying to turn the back logo into a glass material and increase the area, wireless charging and MagSafe device is hidden behind the glass logo.

However, whether this feature will be equipped with the new iPad Pro, what form it will appear in, etc., is not as certain as “with M2 chip”, so let’s look forward to what tricks Apple will play.

Starter iPad

To understand the history of the development of iPad as a device, it is still necessary to look at the iPad model, although its title has become entry-level model, but it is impossible to deny its status as the patriarch of the family, and no amount of suffixes added to other products can replace its contribution. This time, the tenth generation iPad may also be coming.

Looking at Apple’s entire product line, only the entry-level iPad and iPhone SE are still sticking to the physical Home button. However, the upcoming tenth generation of entry-level iPad may “backstab” the iPhone SE. According to the news, some supply chain manufacturers have received CAD drawings for new products, but they do not specify the size of the screen and Touch ID components, and suggest that the new products may change the front style, including canceling the physical home button, Touch ID will be integrated in the power button like the other two products, FaceTime camera position adjustment, etc.

This means that the tenth generation of entry-level iPads will have a larger screen ratio, and the overall style will be closer to the iPad Air.

In addition, the 10th generation entry iPad will routinely upgrade its chip to A14 bionic chip and offer 5G connection option, and the interface part will also use USB-C instead of Lightning interface. If the news is true, then we can almost predict that all future iPad products will be replaced with USB-C interface.

MacBook Pro, Mac mini and macOS Ventura

New products planned for October may also include the MacBook Pro and Mac mini.

With the large-scale use of Apple’s self-developed chips, the MacBook Pro and Mac mini have benefited a lot. So like the iPad Pro, the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini will also fully upgrade the self-developed chip. Among them, the 14-inch MacBook Pro will be upgraded to an M2 Pro chip, and the 16-inch model will be an M2 Max chip; The Mac mini will be available with an M2 chip version, but there is also news that Apple will also launch a model equipped with an M2 Pro chip for users to choose from.

It is reported that the M2 Pro and M2 Max may be chips for the 3nm process, but the foundry company said that the 3nm process will not be put into production until 2023 at the earliest. But what is certain is that both chips are more focused on improving image performance. In addition, the MacBook Pro and Mac mini new products will not change much in appearance, interface and other aspects.

The new iPad has a new iPadOS, and the new Mac also has a new macOS to help entertain. Considering that MacOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 have many common features, it is very likely that both will be released at the same time.

Other news

– Although there is no reliable information that Apple TV will also launch a new product in October, there have been many revelations about new hardware products.
– The new Mac Pro desktop device may be equipped with a 40-core chip called “M2 Extreme” and will be available in 2023, but this does not rule out the possibility of Apple releasing this device in advance.
–’s App Uninstaller releases a newer version App Uninstaller 2023. App Uninstaller is one of the most well-rated Mac app uninstaller in the market.
– MacBook Air may release new models and larger versions in 2023; It is rumored that the iPad Pro will also have a larger size version.
– According to the 9to5Mac, due to regulatory pressure, the first iPhone with a USB-C interface may be available sooner, and may see the product in 2023.
– Apple is still working on virtual reality-related development and has the potential to launch a product in 2023.

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