UninstallService 2023 adds 10,000+ new app removal capability into the new upgraded version

UninstallService has been our favored app removal tool for years. It is very affordable with one-time cost and always get the job done in just a few clicks without any hassle. In this newer version, UninstallService is able to completely uninstall 10,000+ new apps with ease.


BBEdit is a well-known code editor used for editing HTML files, text files and program source code.BBEdit includes many first-class features, including GREP pattern matching, search and replace multiple files (even if not opened on a remote server), project definition tools, feature navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source languages, code folding, FTP and SFTP open and save, AppleScript, Mac scripting support for Unix, text and code completion, and of course a powerful HTML tools package.

010 Editor

010 Editor is a fast and powerful hexadecimal editor. It is used to edit binary files. It has a friendly and easy to use interface, unlimited undo and redo operations. In addition you can print hexadecimal bytes or mark some important bytes with bookmarks. Supports the binary template system.

SQLPro for Postgres

SQLPro Postgres is a lightweight PostgresSQL client that allows you to quickly get to the Postgres server. The interface is very clean, allowing you to view individual tables and quickly jump to different tables. SQLPro Postgres is the advanced but lightweight Postgres database management studio. It allows quick and easy access to Postgres SQL Server using advanced time-saving features.

Data Creator

Data Creator is an advanced data generator for the Mac platform that allows users to create modular data tables to their liking, perform serious presentations and test the software using real data, and is very powerful. Data Creator is a must-have tool for any advanced user or developer who needs neutral realistic data for prototyping or testing purposes using databases or web pages.
Data Creator is an advanced tool for automatic data generation and filling. Sample tables (rows and columns) can be created as needed and populated with pseudo-random appropriate content (content rows) with a single click.

WiFi Explorer Pro

WiFi Explorer Pro is a professional version of WiFi Explorer running on the Mac platform that helps users monitor and troubleshoot wireless networks and also has useful features such as information element decoding, annotation and custom colors, spectrum analysis integration, enhanced filtering, and more. WiFi Explorer Pro takes WiFi Explorer’s code base and adds a set of features that make it the right tool for WLAN and IT professionals. You can use WiFi Explorer Pro to perform initial assessments, help design and verify wireless network installations, and identify channel conflicts, overlaps, poor signal quality and other issues that may affect the connectivity or performance of your home, office or business wireless network. It is a wireless network scanner and connection manager for the MacOS platform. With WiFi Explorer you can find access points and clients that are broadcasting SSIDs. It can be used for WiFi site investigation to discover WiFi signal sources and connect to the wireless network. The tool works with BSSID/MAC addresses to display signal strength in dBm.

Folx GO+

Recognized as the best download tool for Mac! The most convenient thing is that it seamlessly supports all major browsers (Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome) on Mac and can automatically take over the download after clicking on the download link. In addition, it introduces automatic Tagging of download files and supports Spotlight for easy search management. Folx GO+ is a paid professional version of Folx with some unique features, such as timed downloads, unlimited threads, etc.

If you’re using the version prior to UninstallService 2023, you can click the upgrade button to check for updates and allow it to start the upgrading process. Or you can download the latest version from the official site UninstallService.com. UninstallService offers lifetime updates and upgrades for all users at no cost, one of the most generous pricing in the market.

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