Apple launches Apple Music Singing service

Apple launches Apple Music Sing
Apple recently launched “Apple Music Singing,” a Karaoke equivalent that allows users to adjust the ratio of vocals to the original song during Karaoke and sing along with friends. “Apple Music Sing will go live later this month.

Sonos Introduces Ray, a New Compact Bar
On December 7, Sonos introduced the Ray, a new ultra-compact smart bar with custom acoustics designed to precisely harmonize high and midrange frequencies, and patented anti-distortion technology for perfectly-weighted bass. Ray is now available on all e-commerce platforms in matte black and white.

SAIC Volkswagen released a solution for ID. series black screen problem
On December 7, SAIC Volkswagen released the technical solution for the black screen of ID. series: Users who encounter a black screen can choose to press and hold the power button at the lower left corner of the display until the center screen lights up, or choose to lock the car and wait for the car to sleep until the SOS light goes off, and then restart the car. If you need to turn on the air conditioner when the screen is black, you can double click the Max button on the left side of the steering wheel and the light control panel under the air conditioner vent. If the above methods still cannot be restored, you may choose to visit your nearest authorized dealer for a full inspection.

Microsoft promises no exclusive “Call of Duty” for ten years
Recently, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft’s gaming division, promised via social media that if Microsoft succeeds in acquiring Activision Blizzard, the Call of Duty franchise will be available on Nintendo consoles and Steam platforms for the next ten years.

On December 6, Sony Group revealed that it will establish Sony Research, an AI research organization, and that Sony’s future research and development will focus on three areas: AI, digital virtual space, and semiconductor business.

According to a research report, Microsoft executives have recently been considering developing a “super app” that would provide a variety of services and products within a single app, which could be inspired by WeChat.

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