ChatGPT Review

What is ChatGPT, which has been all over the Internet lately? It is a “new generation” AI launched by OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, which is much more intelligent and powerful than the previous ones. At the current stage of technological development, it can be considered a “super god” existence!

ChatGPT can write according to your questions and requests, and generate reasonable and convincing answers. Whether you want it to write a suspense novel, a step-by-step tutorial for your expertise, write a self-introduction/yearly summary, or even teach you how to program a game, it can do it all! At the same time, it can also understand the context and follow your thoughts to answer, you must be amazed at the horror of this AI after playing!

Recent AI drawing and avatar generation demonstrate the power of Ai. ChatGPT, which focuses on text and language, takes current AI’s reading and writing abilities to another level! It is very good at semantic analysis, contextual understanding, and language organization. It can write endless professional or interesting content on demand, sometimes even more like a real person!

ChatGPT’s ability to understand and organize language, not only in English, but also in other languages, contextual analysis, and organization of language, is simply frightening. It is also very simple and classic “you ask, I answer”, so you can try to ask it anything you can think of.

If you are chatting with ChatGPT and you encounter some long answers that break off the “incomplete” display, the developers have done this intentionally to save resources, so you can just tell it to “continue”.

Also, if some of the code examples given by the AI are not complete, you can continue to ask it. For example, the AI above omits the implementation of drawCard function at the beginning, so ask it and it will continue to give examples.

Anyway, I think this kind of AI development, it can not only be a smart enough intelligent customer service (encyclopedic questions and answers), learning programming and development of super tools, and soon can also replace a lot of writers, repetitive and complicated writing and text work, such as the most common office “nonsense pile” weekly reports, monthly reports, self-introduction, etc.. It’s even worrying that all the content you see online (articles, posts, replies, etc.) will probably be generated by AI instead of by humans.

Perhaps ChatGPT will also evolve into the prototype of the next generation “search engine”, because it can better understand the natural language spoken by users and give “more reasonable and detailed results after AI filtering and processing”, which is more in line with the human “question → answer ” model, rather than the traditional “keyword → web list” model.

I have to say, the emergence of ChatGPT has really brought a “shock” to people’s impression of AI! Many people are really worried that more and more jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future. From drawing, keying, composing to writing, there are no exceptions.

And so far, ChatGPT is not only fun, but can actually be a “powerful tool”! It can be an evolved search engine, an intelligent encyclopedia Q&A, an intelligent writing generator, and even in many professional fields, such as development and programming, it can qualify as a “personal assistant” and “efficiency aid”.

Finally, do you have any interesting, creative, or practical ideas for ChatGPT? Feel free to share them in the comment section.

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